Kaizen Activities and development of human resources

Our employees discuss and analyze problems, consider solutions individually and use the method to solve problems.

Through Kaizen activities based on policy deployment and our suggestion system, we continuously improve production processes and business structures. In order to train employees in these activities we have various educational policies such as QC and TPM education and fully support employees in achieving these qualifications.
In order to implement continuous improvement activities based on company policy, set the emphasis implementation matters and the target value of each department, we plan promoted.
Based on policy deployment “M zero activities” Policy deployment action plan
We have Kaizen groups that involve both TPM small group and QC group activities within the company. All departments have their own Kaizen group and each one will announce the results of its activities every April and November.
Improvement Activities Report Meeting State of improvement activities
The individual suggestion system in vibrant, allowing all employees to cultivate their own identity and sense of responsibility and to develop a scientific and practical outlook on things.
Culture, Sports, Science and echnology Minister Ingenuity Merit Award Commendation of ingenuity improvement proposal
Employee motivation through the acquisition of qualificationsIn order to make all employees achieve higher goals and improve
their techniques, Nakamura actively supports employees in earning state qualifications
in skills such as hobbing, test and measurements and machine maintenance.

graph-qualifications graph-qualifications2