Environmental activities

We intended to make continuous efforts to offer eco-friendly products to the customers and promote environmental protection and the prevention of pollution through our environ-mental management system.

In order to realize our environmental policy to protect the global environment we received ISO14001 certification in 2003. From 2003 onwards, all employees undertake practices aimed at reducing the burden on the environment. We naturally consider the environmental effects of our factory equipment and carry out activities with set targets such as managing the work environment, recycling cutting oil and the reduction in the use of special chemicals.
Oil separation tank
Using a three-cistern oil separation tank oil at a control pound, rain-water and oil are separated and the rainwater is then discharged from the factory.
Cutting oil separator
We recycle cutting oil that has been separated from cutting chips in production equipment using two cycle oil separators.
Collection site for garbage according to type
In order to reduce the amount of garbage and to recycle used materials, we collect garbage ac-cording to its type.
Improvements in the working environment

We continue to improve our working environment through the reduction of the burden on nature produced by man by using automated equipment and maintaining a clean environment.

We have achieved the targets set by the regulations of the European End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) directives relating to environmentally harmful substances in our products such as hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury and lead.
Status of achievement of ELV regulations(as of the end of May in 2018)
Substance ELV regulations Status
(Cd) Less than 0.01% achieved
(Pd) Less than 0.1% achieved
(Hg) Less than 0.1% achieved
(Cr6+) Less than 0.1% achieved