Management philosophy,Quality plicy,Environmental policy

Management philosophy

We serve society based on our philosophy ;
"Good products make a good company, which makes a good person.

Quality plicy,Environmental policy


Through voluntary and continuous improvements (Kaizen),
we achieve customer satisfaction.

We guarantee that all our affiliates implement a production policy aiming for zero defects as outlined below. This policy makes our corporate philosophy of contributing society through specialized gear manufacturing a reality:

1. We have introduced targets to accomplish our management philosophy
and to promote the continual improvement of compliance and effectiveness concerning
issues related to the management system throughout the corporation.
2. We implement improvements in work and engineering through the
promotion of our corporate policy on a daily basis as follows:

(1) Inspection, testing and other procedures to
guarantee the quality of our products.
(2) Regular checks and maintenance etc to guarantee
the quality of our equipment.
(3) Regular blade replacement, production setup
checks and dimension correction etc to guarantee the quality of our work.
(4) Through the prevention of recurring defects.
3. By supporting our customers’ needs our aim is gain trust and
respect as a corporation that specializes in gear manufacturing.
4. We display posters in each department and other working environments
and distribute cards describing our corporate quality policy among employee so
that the policy is thoroughly understood and implemented by everyone.
5. We review our quality assurance policy and targets annually
to sustain an appropriate quality assurance management system.

Living together with nature,
everyone at Nakamura takes great care using its resources.

We guarantee that all of our affiliates implement these production procedures with the aim of reducing environmental burdens, as outlined below,
to make our corporate philosophy a reality and protect the environment:

1. We abide by the laws related to the environment and other requests that we agree to. ISO14001登録証
2. We try to prevent the pollution of the environment through continual improvement.
3. We have established an environment management system and carry
out various activities, as outlined below, in relation to performance of production procedures, setting goals and targets, and we review these activities when necessary:
(1) Prevention of environmental pollution.
(2) Reduction of industrial waste.
(3) Energy saving
(4) Countermeasures for disaster and accidents
4. We make sure that all employees understand our policy and will
provide necessary proof of this to the public if requested to do so.