Pre-delivery phases

By examining and ascertaining production issues concerning new products at every production phase we can begin approved full-scale production early.

We can quickly make estimations based on drawing of product, basic production quantity and long-term demand prediction. We can also consider or propose cost-reduction plans based on the customer’s price target.
Using specialist machines we can produce prototypes to support the full-scale production process. At this phase we can better understand the design process and cost estimations during the full production stage by examining the manufacturing process sequences and cutter design etc.(details
During this phase we try to solve issues concerning full production by manufacturing the product using approved processes. We also determine packaging and distribution route solutions.
In order to fulfill the customer’s delivery schedule, all new manufacturing processes include necessary training for employees and an initial inventory inline with our full-production schedule therefore offering customer assurance in the manufacturing process.


Please let us know your terms and conditions specified herein if you need a quotation. Other information, such as terms of trade and payment conditions are also required in an export shipment.
1. Production schedule
2. Basic production quantity per month
3. Forecast of continuous offering period
4. Conditions for quotation
a.Costs of special dies and tools
b.Years for depreciation of facilities
c.Customer property
d.Delivery times per day
e.Delivery spot
f.Packing style
g.Costs of packing and frelght