Manufacturing process


A reliable integrated system that realizes high quality and lower cost. We develop all manufacturing processes under strict quality controls.

To provide high quality gears in a sort lead-time at lower cost, we have always made every effort to establish an automated and integrated production system for the complete production process. We will continue to improve our production process to meet the more diversified and sophisticated needs of our customers.
Typical manufacturing process for pinion gear
1、粗材工程 1、粗材工程
The most suitable materials are selected from production methods such as round bar cutting and drilling, cold forging and hot forging, as well as from application and cost. Normally, for pinion gears, the material is produced through round bar


2、旋盤工程 2、旋盤工程
In order to implement continuous improvement activities based on the company policy,we have established important matters to be implemented, as well as targets, with which we are proceeding strategically.

3、歯切り工程 3、歯切り工程
Various pinion gears are made by hobbing, shaper and rolling machines before heat treat-ment. By using a special hobbing machine developed by Nakamura we can cut high helical gears easily and speedily.

4、仕上工程 4、仕上工程
The tooth surface of a pinion gear is finished by gear shaving or using a rolling machine before heat treatment. The chamfering and trimming processes are usual preceded by the finishing process.

5、熱処理工程 5、熱処理工程
Surface hardening such as carburizing, nitriding and high-frequency quenching is done to increase gear strength. Shot peening is added if needed.

6、熱処理後仕上工程 6、熱処理後仕上工程
The roughness and accuracy of the gear is improved by external and internal grinding and at the edge of the product.

7、噛合い検査工程 7、噛合い検査工程
Burrs, dents and flaws of gears are inspected by special gearing test machines.


Production controls on our lines are performed using Kanban and Andon methods.
Kanban is used to inform if there is a delay in the production process or if
it has advanced. Andon informs operators of the current status of the production
system. Kanban is divided into three types: Supplier Kanban, Intra-process Withdrawal
Kanban and Withdrawal Kanban.
"Kanban" is a sign to give instruction for production or conveyance
of items.
"Andon" is an electric light board used as a visual control
device in a plant.
かんばん   アンドン
“Kanban” s used in us   “Andon” in our plant