Quality assurance


“Quality must be built into each process” is our basic concept of quality assurance. We do not send any defects on to the next process.

Products are measured and inspected in each process and the results are monitored according to clearly specified quality standards. Poka-yoke devices and automated measuring machines are set up at an automated line to prevent manufacturing defects. Operators and the quality control department regularly carry out efficient sampling inspections and 100% inspection will be carried out if required.
Our automated production line is usually equipped with automated measuring devices for rectifying product dimensions automatically, a picture processing device for preventing outflow of incomplete products or defects in appearance and various poka-yoke devices. A gear checker machine is equipped in the production line for pinion gears.
画像処理装置   旋盤の自動寸法測定装置
Picture processing device   Automated measuring device in NC lathe
On production line employees and production line setup personnel check products regularly in accordance with inspection instructions in addition to the measurements for changing controls at setup and the cutter change etc. Using a ‘quality check stand’ other monitoring is carried out by outside inspection personnel at regular intervals.
品質チェック台   作業者による抜取り検査
Quality check stand   Sampling inspection by operator
The accuracy of gears and the distortion of dimensions from heat treatment are measured at regular intervals by a specialist inspector in our temperature controlled internal laboratory. The manufacturing conditions and cutter designs are adjusted in relation to these measurements.
NC歯車試験機   金属顕微鏡による検査
NC profile lead & pitch measuring instrument   Inspection by microphotograph